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The Summer Terrace

The Beautiful Summer Terrace

Our beautiful panoramic terrace, which thanks to its particular position appears to reach out to embrace the Euganean Hills, is one of our major sources of pride.
A lush and airy corner of paradise to ensconce yourself and enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the area that also includes the spa hotels that animate the city of Abano Terme and the towering skyscrapers that dominate the city of Padua. You may use our terrace during the mild spring days and be pampered by the warm rays of the sun enjoying a delicious lunch outdoors with your family. During the hot summer evenings instead, you can use it as a romantic love nest for whispering sweet promises to your loved one. Promises that, although barely whispered, will serve as a perfect musical background, enriching the starry summer sky that will be a silent witness to many loves just bloomed. You can enjoy it as a place for drinking, raising your glasses filled with wine to toast to the realisation of an important project or promise destined to mark the beginning of a life together. Or you can choose it as picturesque location in which to entertain your guests with music and fun at your wedding reception or your private party. In this enchanting place where every day Nature, with its lush vegetation, offers us a view of its beautiful landscape, you can really let your mind go free while you taste true traditional Paduan cuisine, masterfully enhanced by the artistic touch of the chef. Don’t wait any longer, words alone cannot describe the magnificence of this picturesque setting. Our terrace is full of such an overwhelming beauty that you can describe it better with silence more than with words. In these peaceful, romantic places, you will be left speechless at the sight of so much natural beauty … only your eyes and your heart will speak for you.